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- move the immovable!

wheel.me Genius is the worlds first autonomous wheel. The patented system comprises a robot component, indoor navigation technology and data analytics. The innovation transforms anything into an autonomous mobile robot with minimal effort and without the need to change the design or form factor. The solution can be operated by voice, the wheel.me app or back end. The solution runs in the cloud, on your local network or with 5G.


Plan what you want - Flexibility always wins

Whether you need a dedicated or an integrated solution to automate your indoor mobility or material handling, we can help you become more cost effective while giving you the highest degree of flexibility. It will always be challenging to predict future needs. Therefore it is good to know that we always use pure mathematics to find the best solution for you, and once in place, you can simply adapt it to your needs from day to day without having to change anything. No integrations, no programming, no adaptations. In other words, no hassle. That's why flexibility always wins!


Cost saver

Fill in the fields in the table and send them to us! We will send you a proposal with the solution that is the best for you, as well as an overview of estimated saving you can achieve by using our technology.

Flexibility always win!


The full story

The wheel. Great invention, right? Truly revolutionary. Fantastic for moving things around. Hasn’t changed much for quite a while, though. So honestly, isn’t there anything more to it? That’s where wheel.me started out in 2014. We wanted to reinvent the wheel, and we believe we have. The wheel.me Genius system lets you move everything you have used to move, only easier. And quite a lot of things you have never even thought of moving. Because what we really set in motion, were ideas. Ideas about flexible walls. About changing room structures. About relocating heavy equipment just by telling it where to go.

In short, ideas about moving the immovable.


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