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Genius 2 Starter Package

Begin your automation journey with the most flexible and affordable mobile robot on the market.

Transform your workflow

Imagine a world where your repetitive tasks are handled by themselves, leaving you to focus on what truly matters. Whether you need assistance with operational efficiency or material handling, our Genius 2 Starter Package is your solution.

Included in our Starter Package
Genius 2 (4-wheel set)
1 Charging station
Two-day standard installation and adapter design
Service Package for 1 year
Onsite swap-pool for quick hardware replacements

Limited price offer

We have designed our starter package to align with your budget and operational needs.
USD 21 000 | EUR 21 000*

*Excl. VAT, shipping and custom integrations. Valid until 31st of December 2023. List price: USD 22 820 | EUR 22 820.

Your future is autonomous. Welcome Genius 2 into your world today!

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