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Move the immovable.


The world’s first autonomous wheel.™ Genius is the world’s first autonomous wheel. The patented system comprises a robot component, indoor navigation technology and data analytics. The innovation transforms anything into an autonomous mobile robot with minimal effort and without the need to alter its design or form. The solution can be operated by voice, the app or back-end. The solution runs in the cloud, on your local network or with 5G. Enabling everything to move effortlessly on smart wheels.

Flexibility always wins

Whether you need a dedicated or an integrated solution to automate your indoor mobility or material handling, we can help you become more cost effective while giving you the highest degree of flexibility. It will always be challenging to predict future needs. This is why we use data to find the best solution for your process in particular, and once in place, you can simply adapt it to your needs from one day to another without having to change anything. No integrations, no programming, no adaptations. In other words, no hassle. That’s why flexibility always wins. 

Cost effective

Our solutions is offered to a significantly lower hardware cost than existing technologies.

No maintenance

Our wheels are module based, which means that if something malfunctions we simply swap out the entire wheel or parts of it. There’s no need for expensive maintenance since we have made fixing problems problem-free.

Constant optimization

Using a next-generation indoor navigation system and sophisticated data analytics, our solutions persistently optimize workflows and resources on the go.

How it works

  • Indoor mobility

    By combining robotics, indoor navigation technology and data analytics, we’ve made indoor mobility trouble-free. Attach the wheels to the object you want to move, lean back, and let the smart wheels do the heavy lifting.

  • Mapping

    To give the wheels a general feel for the lay of the land, we start by drawing an initial map of the environment (SLAM) is used to draw an initial map of the environment. The map is saved to the cloud or local server, and is accessed by all sets of wheels. Then the wheels’ navigation algorithm calculates the time-optimal path for moving from A to B, taking into account the environment, dynamic obstacles and each robot’s unique motion abilities.

  • Software

    With flexibility as one of our core values, we have made it easy to apply various user interfaces, such as voice, app or desktop to control the wheels. Finally, our user-friendly application is incredibly simple to operate.

  • Robotics-as-a-service

    To democratize automated handling, and to help businesses become more adaptable to change, we operate as a Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) company. This means: no initial investment costs in hardware, fast roll out, adaptability, and lastly, a hassle-free solution for your business.

  • Custom tailored data

    When your material handling process is completely autonomous, new insight is made available for your processes through advanced data-analytics.



The world’s first autonomous wheel comprises a robotic component, indoor navigation technology and data analytics, enabling you to make everything and anything move effortlessly.


The world’s first adjustable AMR, is a highly flexible device that can carry the weight of the world on its shoulders.

Infinite possibilities

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