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400 kg

Payload for a 4-wheel set.

€ 13.990

Starting price for a 4-wheel set.


Robot mission success rate.


Faster implementation compared to other mobile robots.

Genius 2
Automation of indoor material transportation with immediate ROI
Select an object
Mount the wheels
Configure your robot
Start your first mission!
Indoor transportation

Designed to automate the movement of materials in indoor environments.

Navigation technology

The robot safely navigates the facility with the help of LiDARs, cameras, and advanced navigation algorithms.

Robot footprint

Scalable up and down - flexible for any use case.

Opportunity charging

Strategically placed charging stations allow in-process charging for maximum uptime.


Reliable & secure communication of the robots via WiFi & 5G.

In-app contol

User-friendly & cross-device control in the web browser.

Genius 2
Turn existing objects into self-driving robots, for minimal process changes and lower costs.
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Create mobile robots,
using existing equipment

Genius 2 integrates with existing carts, trolleys, and racking systems, saving you time and money.

Assembly line support

Replenish assembly lines with spare parts with help of kitting carts or move parts between stations.

Waste management

Automated waste removal from factory lines and warehouse shelves.

Material transport

Transport inbound shipments, tools or assembly equipment to the production stations.
Genius 2 in comparison,
best value for money
Genius 2 | 4 wheels
Genius 2 | 8 wheels
Pallet jack
One-time costs
13.999 EUR*
19.999 EUR*
> 60.000 EUR
350 EUR + FTE costs
Easy implementation
Easy maintenance
Very high
Very high
Load capacity
400 kg | 880 lbs
800 kg | 1.760 lbs
> 300 kg | 600 lbs
1.500 kg | 3.300 lbs
Dynamic obstacle detection
Autonomous navigation
*Prices exclude VAT, shipping, and installation and may vary based on your region.
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Extensive comparison of automation technologies

Understand automation options' pros and cons, weighing cost, flexibility, and usability.

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User friendly in-app fleet
Intuitive configuration and mission management

With the app, you can manage the tasks that your Genius 2 systems perform for you - clearly and simply.

Intuitive user interface
Learning-on-the-go localization
Real-time management
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With the app, tasks and transport orders can be monitored, created and controlled in real time.

This allows you to maintain control of your robot fleet and your material flow inproduction and logistics at all times.

New robots are added in the app and are ready for use in just a few minutes.

They can be controlled from any device and location (web app in the cloud) and operate in fully closed environments (the app in on-prem).

Trusted by industry leaders
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Manufactured in Norway

Manufactured in our factory in Fredrikstad, products embody the essence of Norwegian excellence in engineering and production. With meticulous attention to detail and advanced manufacturing techniques, each product is created to deliver reliability, durability, and superior performance.

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Genius 2
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