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Discover the power of Genius 2: Transform anything into a self-driving robot and automate your material handling

October 19, 2023

In today's fast-paced world, the demand for efficient material handling is greater than ever. The need to streamline intra-logistical operations is a common challenge faced by a wide range of industries. While many businesses have implemented automation in many areas, material handling remains a holdout. Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) can automate many processes but are expensive and have limited flexibility.’s Genius 2 tackles these limitations and brings fully flexible and automated material handling within reach.

Material handling challenges

Material handling forms the backbone of many industries, ensuring the smooth flow of products and replenishment of resources. However, it has challenges. Traditional material handling methods often involve manual labor and expensive and inflexible specialized equipment, leading to issues such as:

  1. Human-dpendent processes: Relying on human operators for material handling can lead to inefficiencies, fatigue, and a greater risk of errors. At the same time, companies have difficulties finding human resources and dealing with high no-show rates.
  1. Infrastructural limitations: Automating rigid infrastructures can be costly and time-consuming, which makes it hard to stay competitive and rapidly respond to changes in consumer demand.
  1. Adaptability and scalability: Businesses that heavily depend on manual labor face challenges when trying to scale their operations or adapt to changing requirements swiftly, as recruiting and (re)training people can be challenging.
  1. Safety concerns: Ensuring the safety of employees and the materials being handled is of utmost importance but can be complex, especially in dynamic, industrial environments.

Benefits and Challenges of AGVs and AMRs

While AGVs and AMRs help businesses automate material handling and overcome some of the challenges mentioned above, they also have limitations. Find below an overview of the main benefits and challenges.



  • Automation: AGVs are designed for automation, reducing the need for human intervention in material handling processes.
  • Safety: AGVs are equipped with sensors and navigation technology, enhancing safety in busy environments.
  • Efficiency: They can follow predefined paths and schedules, leading to consistent and efficient operations.



  • Infrastructure: Implementing AGVs may require infrastructure modifications, such as installing magnetic strips or sensors, which can be costly.
  • Lack of adaptability: AGVs are often less adaptable to changes in the environment or tasks, requiring reprogramming for modifications.



  • Flexibility: AMRs are highly adaptable and allow quick reconfiguration to handle new tasks.
  • Safety: They use advanced sensors and navigation systems, ensuring safe operations alongside humans.
  • Collaboration: AMRs can work alongside human employees, collaborating in shared spaces and performing various tasks.  


  • Higher initial costs: AMRs may have a higher upfront cost than traditional forklifts, and ROI may take some time to realize.

The differences between Genius 2, AGVs, AMRs, and the traditional pallet jack visualized.

Genius 2: the Self-Driving Robot that Can do it All

AGVs and AMRs have a lot of benefits but also several limitations. offers a pioneering approach to automation by seamlessly converting existing infrastructure into autonomous mobile systems, allowing you to transport any object from A to B to Z without human intervention. Our Robotics-as-a-Service model provides access to automation without requiring hefty upfront investments, making automation affordable to anyone. With our self-driving robot, Genius 2, tackles the remaining challenges with material handling.

Genius 2 Key Features:

✅ Unprecedented Flexibility

✅ Accessible Pricing

✅ Safe and Dynamic Obstacle Detection

✅ Modular Design

✅ Worry-free Service Plan

✅ Certified Industrial Safety

Genius 2 (right) versus carts with caster wheels (left).

Whether you are looking to automate logistics, manufacturing processes, or healthcare operations, provides the versatile and affordable tools you need to succeed. Navigating the path to automation has never been simpler.

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