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March 10, 2024

We were thrilled to showcase our innovative robotic wheels at MWC Barcelona, the world's leading connectivity event! Our booth visitors witnessed firsthand how, in collaboration with tech giant Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), is revolutionizing indoor logistics in manufacturing and warehousing, using a 5G private network technology, to enhance the performance of our robotic wheels.

Private 5G networks robots leverage the power of private 5G networks. But what exactly are they? Unlike public cellular networks, private 5G offers a dedicated, high-speed wireless connection exclusive to a single user – in this case, the warehouse or a factory. This translates into several key benefits for automation robots:

  • Ultra-fast speeds and low latency: Private 5G boasts significantly faster data transfer rates compared to traditional Wi-Fi. This is crucial for robots that rely on real-time communication for tasks like navigation, localisation, and obstacle avoidance.
  • Superior reliability and security: Since there's no competition for bandwidth from other devices, private 5G networks offer consistent performance and superior security. This ensures uninterrupted operation and minimizes the risk of data breaches – essential factors for a well-functioning factory or warehouse.

How does 5G impact the performance of our robotic wheels?

The key features of private 5G networks outlined in the passage directly translate into advantages for our robotic wheels, Genius 2:

  • Enhanced performance: The ultra-fast speeds and low latency of private 5G compared to Wi-Fi are crucial for Genius 2. Real-time communication is essential for the robots' core functions like navigation, localization (precise self-positioning), and obstacle avoidance. Faster data transfer allows for smoother, more responsive movement and decision-making within the warehouse.
  • Boosted reliability: Public Wi-Fi can be unreliable due to congestion from other devices. Private 5G's superior reliability ensures consistent performance for Genius 2. This minimizes disruptions and keeps the robots operational, maximizing efficiency within the warehouse.
  • Prioritized Communication: In addition, private 5G allows the user to define priorities. This means that if the most important task taking place in a facility is to ensure Genius 2 units are operational, the signals to and from these units can be prioritized over other network traffic. This ensures uninterrupted communication and critical tasks are never compromised by competing network demands.
  • Improved security: Data breaches can be disastrous in a warehouse setting. Private 5G offers superior security compared to Wi-Fi, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access to critical information about inventory, logistics, or even robot control systems. This enhances overall security and safeguards sensitive data.

Genius 2 at MWC Barcelona

Why is 5G important?

By addressing these points, private 5G allows Genius 2 to function at its best, enabling:

  • Seamless autonomous movement: Faster communication and reliable connections ensure smooth and efficient movement of robots equipped with Genius 2 wheels. This translates to quicker task completion and optimized workflows.
  • Reduced downtime: Consistent performance minimizes disruptions and keeps robots operational, maximizing productivity and reducing downtime.
  • Focus for humans: Enhanced robot reliability frees human workers from repetitive tasks and allows them to focus on higher-level activities like strategy, planning, and problem-solving.

Private 5G networks are a perfect fit for Genius 2. They unlock the full potential of the technology, leading to a more productive, efficient, and secure warehouse environment where robots and humans work together seamlessly.

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