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May 9, 2023 Partners with Newlab in Detroit, Michigan

In April of 2023, opened its US headquarters in the Newlab Michigan Central Campus at the historic Book Depository Building. Aside from commercial ambitions, the site was opened for R&D, gaining access to Newlab’s wide-ranged facilities, collaborative environment, and the creative energy of fellow Newlab partners.

Newlab Central Michigan Facilities and Resources

Newlab is a cutting-edge innovation center that provides its members with incredible facilities for developing, prototyping, and testing new ideas. They focus on solving problems in Mobility, Energy, and Materials, with a constant emphasis on sustainable technologies, processes, and implementation to reduce environmental impact.

The facilities at Newlab include spaces for fabrication, prototyping, and testing of new products and provide access to a wide range of technological tools, such as 3D printing, laser cutting, machine learning systems, material science, robotics, advanced digitization, and communications capabilities.

The workspace setup encourages collaboration and co-creation between Newlab members, with conference rooms for meeting with each other to identify needs and new niches, create sustainable solutions, and advanced implementation strategies. Newlab also connects its members with thought leaders, important innovators, researchers, successful entrepreneurs and executives from a wide range of different industries. It makes its expertise available to all members through various programs, presentations, and publications.

Aside from a supportive environment and a sense of community with like-minded individuals, Newlab members also find capital and new business opportunities. Newlab Detroit Central actively promotes its members and works hard to find new customers, potential private and public clients, and sources of grants, seed money, and investment capital to make their partners’ dreams a reality.

Newlab Partners is excited to share facilities with other innovative startups and leaders in tech, such as:

  • Cavnue is working to move roads and transportation technology into the future with automated vehicles and smart data analytics.
  • Airspace Link is leading the movement to integrate drones into communities and the National Aerospace System for traffic control.
  • Grounded RV is a new Detroit-based company doing more leisurely work with its innovative smart recreational vehicles.
  • Amogy explores ammonia as an industrial fuel for carbon-free energy systems.
  • Fermata produces smart charging systems that work more efficiently with scalable grids.
  • JustAir is a startup devoted to the monitoring, reporting, and improvement of air pollution and other environmental problems.
  • Yank Technologies delivers cutting-edge wireless power solutions for home and industry.
  • REE Automotive is the leader in intelligent electric delivery vehicles. It is radically revisioned and remarkable in its efficiency and low environmental impact.

This is just a snapshot of the many notable innovators that work together at Newlab. Newlab’s fertile environment for exploring new ideas, already yields remarkable technologies and processes that are having a solid impact on industries and people’s daily lives - while helping curb environmental damage and heal the planet. Participates in the 2023 Newlab Mobility Showcase

Newlab hosted the Mobility Showcase in June this year, welcoming more than 80 participants from 16 partner organizations. Major players in the mobility industry, including Michelin Group, Lear Corporation, Magna International, Bosch, Mahindra and Stellantis, were invited to watch the live demonstrations from 13 startups, including, on next-generation mobility technology. These businesses, carefully chosen from the Newlab ecosystem, each delivered unique answers to the challenges in the future of mobility. The exhibition gave the chance to connect with other mobility innovators and receive attention from the industry and media.

Newlab and - Moving Forward Together

At we are proud to be part of the Newlab community, and look forward to continue rethinking mobility and driving innovation with our partner Newlab and fellow innovators. Get in touch to learn more about’s solutions in mobility and how we automate intralogistics in automotive, logistics and healthcare.

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