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November 29, 2023
Kiki, a leading autonomous wheel manufacturer, is joining forces with Stream Innovation, a process improvement consulting firm with over 30 years of global experience.'s innovative technology transforms any object into a mobile robot, while Stream Innovation brings a legacy of process innovation, Lean certification, and hands-on Kaizen experience. Together, this collaboration aims not only to enhance operational efficiency but also to usher in a new era of transformative solutions, where autonomy meets success in reshaping the way businesses move and operate. Join us as we navigate this exciting journey into the future of innovation and business transformation.

About Stream Innovation

Stream Innovation is a dynamic process innovation firm that collaborates with global clients to enhance the profitability, productivity, quality, and efficiency of their businesses. Established in 2011, their 30+ years of expertise in process improvement consulting have led to the development and implementation of innovations worldwide. They provide Lean certification and hands-on Kaizen experience to thousands of client personnel, contributing over $100,000,000 to bottom-line results through cost reductions and top-line revenue growth. Distinguishing themselves from typical consultants, they actively engage with their clients' teams, fostering practical changes that yield lasting improvements. Their diverse clientele spans industries such as manufacturing, automotive, aerospace & defense, textiles & apparel, military operations, and professional services. Stream Innovation specializes in Process Flow Consulting, Kaizen Innovation, and Material Sales to offer comprehensive innovation support.

The and Stream Innovation team collaborating on customer demos.

About offers a pioneering approach to automation by seamlessly converting existing infrastructure into autonomous mobile systems. The company manufactures autonomous wheels that can be mounted to virtually any object, allowing customers to transport every object from A to B to Z without human intervention. Our Robotics-as-a-Service model provides access to automation without requiring hefty upfront investments, making automation affordable to anyone. Whether a business is looking to automate logistics, manufacturing processes, or healthcare operations, provides the versatile and affordable tools that it needs to succeed.

“Every customer we work with has unique challenges and innovation opportunities. And every cart we help design has unique configurations and characteristics to solve specific material handling issues. The platform allows us to design carts in a variety of configurations to meet the specific needs of the client, and that sets our innovations apart from the rest of the AMR offerings. Our Kaizen materials are already used in a wide variety of towable material handling solutions. So we have already demonstrated the ability to move heavy loads throughout a variety of facilities around the clock. The platform integrates directly into carts that we already have in the field and we can turn towable carts into (smart or automated) carts without changing the existing design.”

Brad Campling, Co-Owner of Stream Innovation

What's up next?

The introduction of Stream Innovation's expertise aligns with’s commitment to make the automated transportation of goods accessible and easy for businesses. Together, we are set to spotlight how our innovative solutions seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure, transforming objects into autonomous tools across various sectors. We are excited to collaborate with Stream Innovation to help businesses streamline their operations, increase efficiency, and make the path to automation as accessible as possible.  


We thank Stream Innovation for the support and trust in Together, we are shaping the future of automation. 


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