Load, size and routes are fully customizable

Fast Deployment

The set up is fast and easy and of course focused on safety

Easy Upkeep

Low maintenance AMR with simple and easy troubleshooting

Disruptive Price

Immediate return on investment


Genius is a cutting-edge solution that is transforming logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, and more. This versatile AMR efficiently navigates through complex facilities, optimizing workflows and saving time and resources. Its robust payload capacity handles heavy loads, easing the strain on workforces, while its safety features, including advanced obstacle detection, ensure a secure working environment. Adaptable to many needs, Genius integrates smoothly into existing infrastructure with user-friendly controls. Say hello to a streamlined and automated future - say hello to Genius!

Genius optimizes intra-logistical operations by efficiently transporting goods from A to B to Z without human intervention. The robot is designed to collaborate with people, freeing them from repetitive tasks and boosting productivity.

Navigation System

Navigation algorithms adjust to the local environment in concert with dynamic and static obstacle detection.

Wheel Type

Mecanum (omnidirectional) “Click in-click out” wheels for quick and easy replacement.


Sensor fusion using IMU, depth camera and LIDAR.

User Interface

The user can employ the app desktop/tablet/mobile to control the wheels.


Seamless connection to cloud through 5G and Wi-Fi.


Dedicated charging stations and automatic level monitoring ensures interruption-free operation.

Weight Capacity

400-800 kg (4-wheel set vs 8 wheel set - 100 kg per wheel).


Scalable up and down.

Made in Norway

Designed and made by wheel.me in Norway.

Download Specs

Our custom packages are designed to perfectly meet your company's needs. With wheel.me robotics solutions, you have the freedom to choose the options that best fit your operation and processes. We’ll help you select a package that aligns with your unique needs, and at the most competitive pricing possible.

Please note that our pricing structure reflects the basic package, and from there we tailor the components and costs to align with your specific needs.

(All prices excl. VAT and shipping, please allow for 12 week shipping time)


One-Off Purchase

  • Tailor made to your needs
  • Robot wheels, software and service included
  • One-time fee: charging stations, installation, and adapters
  • Service and software on a contractual basis
  • Competitive one-off price
  • Flexible and fast set up

4-Wheel Genius Kit (prices starting at)

One-off Purchase


Contract Period


3 years

Price per Set

USD 13 990
EUR 13 990

USD 390 per month
EUR 390 per month

8-Wheel Genius Kit (prices starting at)

One-Off Purchase


Contract Period


3 years

Price per Set

USD 19 990
EUR 19 990

USD 590 per month
EUR 590 per month

How the wheel.me App Works

Easy Control

The wheel.me App features a clear and simple graphical interface, inspired by Consumer Electronics, which is compatible with any desktop or laptop PC, smartphone or tablet, supports on-premise and cloud environments.


The wheel.me App allows for effortless mapping of your facility - an automatic process that is simply initiated with the App and carried out autonomously by the Genius robotic wheel sets.

Mission Management

The wheel.me App also makes it exceptionally easy to create, activate and monitor individual missions, in real time and from a remote location, its intuitive interface letting you do all of this (and more) with confidence and ease.

Smart Navigation

Once a task has been activated, you can sit back and relax, knowing the wheel.me Genius wheel sets will move through your facility as safely and efficiently as possible, thanks to advanced navigational algorithms, redundant proximity sensors and dynamic collision avoidance.

Sneak Peak from our Factory in Norway

Manufactured in our factory in Fredrikstad, wheel.me products embody the essence of Norwegian excellence in engineering and production. With meticulous attention to detail and advanced manufacturing techniques, each product is created to deliver reliability, durability, and superior performance.

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