One of the first great inventions of mankind is the wheel. The wheel allowed us to move the immovable, and as a result, it set in motion new ways of thinking. But since its invention and despite continuous innovation in other areas, the wheel has not really changed a lot. In 2014, this thought started the adventure that has now become Our autonomous wheels let you move everything you are used to moving, only much more easily. They even move things you would never even thought you could move. But what we have really set in motion are ideas. Ideas about flexible walls. About changing room structures. About relocating heavy equipment just by telling it where to go. In short, ideas that move the status quo.

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Our Values

We are committed to providing significant value that exceeds customer expectations.
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We take pride in owning our initiatives and are dedicated to delivering on our promises.
We are committed to providing significant value that exceeds customer expectations.
Driven by our passion to push boundaries we build cutting-edge solutions that makes a difference.
We learn from each other and grow together. ​

Our Vision & Mission

Our Mission

At our core, we strive to transform industries by introducing groundbreaking robotics solutions. Our goal is to provide the global market with unparalleled automated material handling systems that offer unmatched flexibility, optimizing efficiency, productivity, and safety. Through the integration of state-of-the-art technology, intelligent design, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, we are committed to empowering businesses worldwide with our AMR. Our aim is to enable organizations to unleash their full potential, streamline operations, and reach unprecedented levels of success.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish ourselves as the unrivaled global frontrunner in automated material handling systems, reshaping the operational landscape across industries and establishing new benchmarks of excellence. We envisage a future where our robotics solutions seamlessly harmonize with businesses of all scales, forging a realm of efficiency, intelligence, and adaptability in material handling processes. Through tireless innovation, fostering collaborative partnerships, and upholding a steadfast commitment to sustainability, our ultimate aspiration is to shape a future where automation propels unparalleled growth, unlocks human potential, and generates positive societal impact.

Our History

Company is founded by successful serial entrepreneur Atle Timenes, together with co-founders Rolf Libakken and Kurt Hauge.
Significant R&D efforts made into developing solutions for flexible and low cost automation.
“Genius” — the world’s first autonomous wheel. First prototype completed
2020 - 2021
Awarded “Best Pitch for Mobility Technology” at EIC Innovators Summit, Berlin, Highlighted by BBC during CES 2020. Listed as one of the best inventions of the year by Time Magazine
First commercial framework agreements signed and in delivery - focus on bringing the wheel to market.

Meet the Team

Stefan Holländer
CEO - Chief Executive Officer
Per Ivar Vik
CFO - Chief Financial Officer
Hanna B. Søberg
CPO - Chief People Office
Zaid Hamed
COO - Chief Operating Officer
Linn Tronstad
CDO - Chief Data Officer
Pascal Viala
CTO - Chief Technology Officer