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October 10, 2023
By Essi Jussila

We are excited to announce a partnership that aims to redefine the landscape of automation and innovation., a pioneer in automated material handling, joins forces with Chang Industrial, an engineering company known for its expertise in transformational technology and autonomous systems.

Chang Industrial

Chang Industrial, headquartered in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, is an engineering firm with a profound understanding of transformational technology and autonomous systems. The company seeks to revolutionize supply chains and enhance manufacturing, automotive, and healthcare workforces. Their expertise lies in creating technology roadmaps that propel innovation initiatives forward. Since its founding in 2017, Chang Industrial has experienced rapid growth and was honored as a Top 10 Global Supply Chain Leader in 2022. is dedicated to reshaping automated material handling as we know it. With a visionary approach, we have devised a system that involves attaching smart wheels to existing infrastructure, transforming facilities into flexible, autonomous environments where everything moves in perfect synchronization, fully autonomously. Offered as a subscription service,’s intelligent wheel systems offer infinite flexibility, cost-efficiency, and rapid deployment.

“Adding as a partner equips our design and project management teams with a new tool that we are confident will change the way customers view automation. Their innovative technology, disruptive pricing model, and user-friendly software interface make design integration straightforward.”

Chris Callura, VP at Chang Industrial

Roadmap to the Future

Our partnership with Chang Industrial is rooted in a shared vision of driving automation to new heights. By combining's technology with Chang Industrial's thought leadership and extensive experience in business transformation, we are poised to lead change across multiple industries, including automotive, manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare.

Our collaboration aims to promote automation and offer innovative solutions to businesses, ultimately reducing overhead, enhancing operational efficiency, and fostering innovation. Stay tuned for more thrilling updates as we embark on this exciting venture together. Together, we aim to shape the future of automation, one innovative solution at a time.

“Our partnership with Chang Industrial has opened new opportunities in our journey to rethink automated
material handling. Chang Industrial’s profound expertise in transformational technology and its ability to drive innovation in various industries complements our mission. Together, we are committed to reshaping the
automation landscape, and Chang Industrial’s visionary team adds a valuable dimension to this endeavor”

Rasmus Noraas Brendvold, MD US at

Follow Chang Industrial here and read the full press release at Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, or Morningstar.‍
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