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Safety first: Our autonomous wheels meet the highest industrial safety standard

December 6, 2023

‍We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey at – the UL3100 SIL2 certification for our groundbreaking autonomous wheel, Genius 2. After nine months of dedication and hard work, our team at the Fredrikstad factory has successfully met the highest industrial automation safety standards in both Europe and North America.

What does the UL3100 SIL2 certification mean?

UL3100 SIL2 certification marks the stringent safety measures embedded in Genius 2. This certification, awarded after a thorough final factory inspection, signifies compliance with the most rigorous standards for hardware, software, and production processes. In essence, our autonomous wheels are now officially recognized as meeting the industry's gold standard for safety.

Our team at Fredrikstad right after the final green light from the conclusive factory inspection.

Why is this important for us and our customers?

  • Unparalleled Safety: The safety of our customers is paramount, and Genius 2's UL3100 SIL2 certification reinforces our commitment to providing a product that prioritizes their well-being. The certification ensures that our autonomous wheels adhere to the highest safety benchmarks in the industry.
  • Reliability in Automation: Autonomous vehicles rely heavily on cutting-edge technology, and ensuring the safety of these systems is crucial. With Genius 2's certification, our customers can trust that our autonomous wheels have been rigorously tested and validated for reliability in various real-world scenarios.
  • Global Compliance: The certification opens doors to markets in both Europe and North America, showcasing our dedication to meeting and exceeding international safety standards. This not only expands our reach but also positions Genius 2 as a globally recognized and trusted solution in the autonomous driving landscape.
Carrying this mark with pride.


The achievement of UL3100 SIL2 certification for Genius 2 is the outcome of the tireless efforts of our team. As we celebrate this exciting day at our Fredrikstad factory, we are confident that our customers will share in our enthusiasm for the enhanced safety and reliability that Genius 2 brings to the world of autonomous wheels. We look forward to continuing our journey of innovation, pushing boundaries, and setting new benchmarks in the autonomous driving industry.

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