The world's first autnomous wheel.


Transforming existing and static infrastructure into autonomous environments.

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The world’s first autonomous wheel is the union of robots, navigation technology, sophisticated data analytics, and innovative minds — enabling almost everything, and anything to move effortlessly.


  • Highly flexible

    It is from its game-changing flexibility that the Genius system gets its name. With a wide range of use cases, Genius can move just about anything, and revamp automated material handling in manufacturing, supply chains, logistics, warehouse operations, etc. The sky's the limit.

  • Static and dynamic obstacle detection

    With its static and dynamic obstacle detection, Genius makes sure to avoid everything that comes into its way.

  • Up to 100 kg carrying weight per wheel

    One set of four wheels can carry 400 kg. With the ability to combine up to three sets of wheels carrying up to 1200 kg, you can really start to move the immovable.

  • Mecanum (omnidirectional)

    Our wheels can move effortlessly in any direction. Our mecanum wheels are omnidirectional and can spin 360 degrees around it`s center.

  • Charging pads

    Autonomous wheels wouldn’t be truly autonomous if they didn’t charge themselves. With their own battery management system, our wheels know when they are running out of power and will charge themselves on charging pads when they need it.

  • On demand

    By offering our autonomous wheels as a service, we have effectively removed the barrier of entry and made robots accessible to the world.

Genius rack





Length: 248 mm / With: 166 mm / Height: 133 mm

Total payload per set (4 / 8 / 12)

400 kg / 800 kg / 1200 kg

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The world’s first adjustable AMR, is a highly flexible device that can carry the weight of the world on its shoulders.

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