The world’s first adjustable AMR.


Bear the weight of the world.

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Frame is a highly flexible AMR that is based on our Genius technology. With many use-cases and applications, Frame is targeted towards those who need to automate moving objects and want an alternative to the traditional AMRs on the market.


  • Highly flexible

    In terms of use cases, but targeted mainly for manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, warehouse operations, and healthcare.

  • Customized to all needs

    The only customizable AMR in the market in regards to size, weight and functionality.

  • Genius as core technology

    Borrowing the technology from our Genius system, our adjustable AMR can transform your material handling.

  • Flexible carrying weight

    One set of four wheels can carry 400 kg. With the ability to combine up to three sets of wheels carrying up to 1200 kg, you can really start to move the immovable.

  • On demand

    By offering AMRs as a service, we have effectively removed the barrier of entry and made robots accessible.



Length: Customizable / With: Customizable / Hight: 173 mm

Total payload per frame (4 / 8 / 12 wheels)

400 kg / 800 kg / 1200 kg

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Infinite possibilities

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The world’s first autonomous wheel comprises a robotic component, indoor navigation technology and data analytics, enabling you to make everything and anything move effortlessly.

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